Business Analytics

To make the right call for your business, you need the right metrics at the right moment. We help you identify the ones that matter most and forge connections between past performance and future goals, empowering you to make informed, timely decisions.

Marketing Analytics

Effective marketing isn't magic. It isn't something you stumble on. It's based on sound strategy that's waiting in your data. We'll uncover it with an evidence-based approach that helps you understand your customers fully, deploy your resources efficiently and evaluate campaign performance thoroughly.

Digital Analytics

The digital world is a gathering place for your company, your customers and even your own employees. It's also a tremendous opportunity, but only if you can find the real-world significance of those virtual connections. We can show the way by helping you track and interpret the interactions that matter to your business.

Solution Analytics

Instincts are important in business. But decisions based solely on a gut feeling can be tough to swallow. Let us inject some certainty with an evidence-based approach to uncovering the cause-and-effect relationships that fuel sound decision-making.

Econometric Studies

At our core, we’re scientists. We love discovery. We love theories. We love the mindset of our more academic days. Got a hypothesis in need of testing? A new claim in need of a white paper? We’re the resource you need to elevate your initial concept to intriguing content.

Analytics Methodology

How insights are made.

Descriptive Analytics

Not having a clear picture of the influences on your business can be paralyzing. We keep you moving forward with data cleaning, discovery and mining techniques that dig into the details for a deeper understanding of everything that affects your organization.

Diagnostic Analytics

A healthy business knows the "what" and "why" behind every outcome. It's the only way to find solutions faster than the competition and make them stick. We get right to the source of your organizational ailments by using data to diagnose the cause and identify strategies for long-lasting remedies.

Predictive Analytics

For your business, risk is tied to the unknowns of the future. We help you reduce that risk by examining the absolutes of the past. Through simulation, modeling and forecasting, we reveal likely trends and outcomes so you can make better decisions now and know what to expect later.

Advanced Analytics

Your business deserves better than best guesses. You need deeper insights that inform every aspect of your operation. Take advantage of everything data science offers and move from loosely shaped connections to concrete causal relationships. To us, this is the fun stuff!

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